Terion has expanded its trailer tracking service into Mexico and has announced enhancements to its product offerings.

The company's FleetView cellular-based trailer tracking service is now available to U.S. customers operating in Mexico through an agreement with Telcel. The companies have agreed to cooperate in providing seamless cellular roaming.
In addition to a one time sign-up fee of $12.50 per trailer, pricing in Mexico is 25 to 40 cents per message depending on the customer’s service plan.
Terion has also added cellular communications capability to its DHFM Mobile Messenger and Mobile Workstation systems. This new system will continue to use digital high frequency communication for messages from trucks to dispatchers, and FM sub carrier communications for messages from dispatchers to trucks. The cellular platform is added to the Terion Journeyman driver terminal at no additional cost and is capable of being configured with various digital dual mode standards. It will add over-the-air software download and remote configuration management capability to the Terion systems.
Additional features will include one touch emergency "911" calling, and optional access to voice calling using a debit billing platform. The system will also be capable of wireless Internet access. The new Journeyman-II mmc (multimode communications) driver terminal is plug compatible with Journeyman I and will include an integrated headset and connection jack for use in voice communications. Because the cellular platform used by Terion is available in various digital standards, Terion will have the ability to offer the system in other markets, including Europe, using the GSM standard.
Terion plans to improve the integration of data from its mobile units into fleet information systems through an agreement with e-business supplier Cayenta Inc.
Cayenta plans to develop a middleware solution that allows for rapid, cost effective integration of Terion’s Mobile Workstation data communications system with enterprise computer aided dispatch systems used in trucking.
The solution will provide support for the use of industry standard Internet e-mail as a messaging interface to the Terion network, eliminating the need for custom development of a messaging application within each system.
Terion hopes the arrangement will help it break into a number of vertical markets in trucking.