The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reportedly plans to give serious consideration to the American Trucking Associations' proposal for revised hours of service rules.

The news came in a speech Brian M. McGlaughlin, director of FMCSA's office of policy planning and regulations, gave to members of ATA's safety policy committee at the association's annual convention in San Diego this week, according to ATA's newspaper, Transport Topics.
According to the paper, McGlaughlin applauded ATA for submitting information that attempted to take a science-based approach to hours of service. ATA's proposal calls for a 24-hour-based rule that allows for drivers to work 14 hours each day, with a 24-hour "restart" provision.
However, he also said that on-board recorder devices, which ATA has taken a position against, were "part of the guts" of the hours of service revisions.
McGlaughlin said the agency was in no rush to issue a final rule; it has received 70,000 comments and is reviewing information gathered at the recent roundtable meetings.