NTE is moving downtown. The venerable transportation exchange is leaving its old .net neighborhood for a .com address.

The move is part of a total corporate makeover for National Transportation Exchange of Downers Grove, Ill. The company is now known simply as NTE Inc., and you'll find them now at www.nte.com, an address acquired from another entity.
NTE announced the new name and address along with other changes, including acquisition of OpenShip.com, an Internet freight auction. The idea is to give NTE more clout in the fight for Internet-based transportation customers.
NTE was an early provider of digital transportation services, initially providing service on the Compuserve dial-up network. Later, the company moved its operations to the Internet. The company has long been associated with matching LTL shipments with unused truckload space and a freight exchange in which NTE was a middleman.
NTE recently allied itself with TruckersB2B.com the Web-based buying cooperative. It has also teamed up with e-business software provider Yantra and global Internet logistics provider FreightMatrix.com, among others.
NTE’s corporate makeover, including the acquisition of OpenShip.com, allow the company to offer more robust service in Internet transportation markets.
According to an NTE press release, the company has added more than 250 new members this year for a total of more than 600 shippers and carriers.