Striking Ontario truckers angered over high fuel prices are back on the road, thanks to a deal prohibiting carriers from skimming off existing fuel surcharges from shippers.

According to the Toronto Sun, National Truckers Association vice president Keith Swayne advised all 2,000 NTA members in the province to halt protests Sunday after the government approved a deal giving independent truckers 14 to 30 cents a mile extra in diesel fuel surcharges Friday.
Swayne said all drivers have gone back to work and any who continue to block public highways are not NTA members.
“There may be some drivers outside our organization who will carry on demonstrating, but they are beyond our control,” Swayne told the Sun. “I would be prepared to speak with any non-NTA members still on strike to persuade them to return to work.”
Provincially appointed mediator Brock Smith held day-long discussions with shippers, carriers and truckers on Friday, and federal and provincial government officials attending helped put together a deal.
Carriers will not only be stopped from taking existing fuel surcharges paid by shippers, but will also have to ensure the extra cash goes straight to truckers' wallets, said the article. The government will monitor the situation to make sure trucking companies are anteing up.
Earlier in the week, truckers rejected a deal where both shippers and carriers would have to agree to pass on a fuel surcharge of between 7 and 22 cents a mile to independent truckers. Truckers complained that the earlier offer lacked guarantees.