State highway officials are warning drivers to slow down on a section of Interstate 75 north of downtown Toledo following a series of truck accidents.

Eight accidents involving overturned or jackknifed trucks have occurred on a curvy section of the highway since June, with rain and speed being factors in all the accidents.
Last week, Ohio Department of Transportation officials posted warning signs along the interstate, which is a busy truck and commuter route between Toledo and Detroit.
According to published reports, state officials are also beginning to put together information on why the accidents are occurring along the stretch of interstate, targeting two areas where Bancroft and Detroit crossover the freeway.
So far, officials say, a number of reports verify that motorists are the cause of the majority of accidents that involve semis.
ODOT is addressing the problem in three stages. In addition to the posting of orange warning signs with chevrons pointing out the curves, the second step may be to take up pavement and lay down a rougher pavement that helps tires grip the highway surface. The third option is to paint stripes across the road surface in the high accident areas.
Lowering the speed limits, however, is not being considered.