Mobile communications pioneer Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, Cal., has introduced a product called iTruckMAIL, a variation of TruckMAIL, the truckload small fleet product that debuted in 1998. iTruckMAIL takes TruckMAIL onto the Internet, at least at the dispatch end.

iTruckMAIL customers will have access to mapping and messaging capabilities on a Qualcomm Web site. With a standard PC and Internet connection, dispatchers will have access to features such as street-level mapping, free-form messaging, vehicle position reporting and history. Since the information is on the Internet, management will be able to access it from virtually any computer with an Internet connection.
TruckMAIL was introduced late in 1998 aimed at smaller truckload fleets. According to Qualcomm, it is now installed in 150 such fleets. The product uses the same satellite connectivity and basic hardware as Qualcomm’s high-end OmniTRACS system.
TruckMAIL lacks the depth of back-office integration possible with OmniTRACS, but sells for considerably less -- $2,500 per unit to fleets of 10 trucks or more. Pricing for the new iTruckMAIL has not been released.