@Road of Fremont, Cal., an Internet-based mobile communications company, has announced an agreement with Nextel Communications of Reston, Va., to make @Road onboard computing and GPS location products available to users of the Nextel National Network.

According to @Road, the agreement will allow Nextel handsets to plug into @Road onboard computers that track driver performance and vehicle location on maps viewable on the Internet. Nextel phones can also function like two-way radios, allowing defined groups on the network to communicate instantly with the touch of a button.
Nextel and @Road will combine versatile voice communication, text messaging, data gathering and GPS location into a single application that can be used by dispatch with no more than a PC with Internet access. Full two-way voice functionality will also require a Nextel phone at dispatch.
According to a joint press release, the @Road onboard computer will also provide a docking cradle for Nextel handsets to allow hands-free communication. The handset would also charge while docked.