The only congestion-relief effort Illinois tollway officials were able to pull off this year isn’t working too well.

According to the Naperville (Ill.) Sun, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority had hoped to introduce 100,000 trucks to its fast-moving I-PASS system by Oct. 1. The electronic toll-collection system was supposed to cut all drivers’ toll booth delays by as much as 75 percent. (See "Illinois Pushing Truckers To Use Electronic Tolls," April 24, 2000.)
But only about 23,000 truckers have switched to I-PASS so far, and according to Authority Director Thomas Cuculich, it will be months before his agency finishes the task it announced last April, the article said.
Cuculich admitted he might have set too lofty a goal, and Mid-West Truckers' Assocation Vice President Bob Jasmon agreed. Still, according to the association, truckers are eager to join I-PASS and will continue to do so, Jasmon added.
"It saves time, and time is money for the trucking industry," Jasmon told the paper.