Contract Freighters Inc., Joplin, Mo., is the first fleet company to offer its drivers free Internet access through PNV.

PNV, Coral Springs, Fla., has signed what it calls a "wide-ranging agreement" with CFI to equip all major CFI terminals and their fleet of 2,400 drivers with PNV's products and services.
The deal will also allow drivers the option of high-speed Internet access via PNV’s broadband wireless service called "B" Connected.
PNV will begin installation at CFI's newest terminal in West Memphis, Ark., and expand their existing network capacity at the CFI terminal in Laredo, Texas. CFI had already installed full service PNV facilities at CFI terminals in Dallas and El Paso, Texas, and Joplin, Mo.
CFI, founded in 1951, operates over 2,000 tractors and over 6,000 trailers with both company drivers and independent contractors.