New York police are putting metal "boots," or wheel locks, on trucks illegally parked on side streets where the Cross Bronx Expressway and the Bronx River Parkway intersect, in response to increasing complaints from residents.

According to the New York Times, Francisco M. Gonzalez, district manager of a local community board, said he has gotten numerous complaints about big rigs that park along side streets in the area. He said up to 70 18-wheelers might be parked in the neighborhood at once. They are concerned about the noise and pollution from idling rigs, as well as the possibility of leaks and the proximity of hazardous materials.
Many of the drivers are waiting to unload produce at the Hunts Point Market, just across the Bronx River. Others are likely trucks belonging to local residents.
The article said that in recent weeks, the police have put metal boots on the wheels of illegally parked trucks, but they may not have enough boots for the job. Officials say they will request funding for more truck boots in the next budget.