Big LTL carrier Yellow Freight has introduced live voice capability on its e-commerce Web site The technology allows customers to listen and talk directly with a Yellow Freight customer service rep over the Internet connection.

The new service, named Yellow Live/Voice, is the next step beyond Yellow Live/Chat, Yellow’s text-based communications tool. To use Yellow Live/Voice, customers simply click on the My Yellow button on the Web site for a one-time download (less than 60 seconds) of the voice-enabling software. Once connected, customers can carry on a real-time voice conversation with a customer service representative.
According to Yellow, conversation is clear, with no echoes, delays or added cost. Customer computers must be equipped with a microphone and speakers. But customers with speakers only can listen to the customer service agent and type back questions and responses.
Yellow is also working on voice-recognition technology that will allow customers to call in routine transactions over the phone without having to wait for a live employee.