Even though the summer travel season has come to end, the American Automobile Association says don't expect too much relief from traffic congestion, thanks to highway construction projects.

Massive road construction projects will propel the summer snarl into fall and beyond, the association predicts in listing the nation's 10 worst commuting "hot spots."
The infamous kings of traffic congestion, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Boston make the AAA list, and many other areas are following their leads.
This summer saw more than 160 major construction sites on the nation's heaviest-traveled highways, especially along the Eastern Seaboard. On some routes, drivers hit construction zones every 25 miles.
Most of those highways will continue expansion and redesign work at least until the end of fall. Some of the biggest projects, such as Boston's "Big Dig," will see construction for at least another decade, the report says.
The congestion study used statistics from state transportation departments to measure traffic volume and average driver delays.
Traffic experts attribute the unprecendented rate of construction of roads and bridges to the six-year, $217 billion highway bill that Congress passed in 1998.