of Cleveland, Ohio, wants long haul drivers and fleets to sign up for discounted overnight shipments via Federal Express.
Most fleets overnight important shipping documents and most truckstops provide pickup stations for various services.
According to, customers can save up to 50 percent on Fedex rates by buying prepaid shipping labels at the web site and using Fedex pickup stations.
Overnight shipping labels are sold by weight for next weekday 10:30 am delivery and are available from letter size up to 150 pound packages. Packages can be shipped anywhere in the United States except Alaska and Hawaii and can be tracked on Fedex’s web site.
PrePaidShipping members prepay their orders just as they would with postage stamps or prepaid phone cards. However there are limitations. While membership is free, members must buy at least $83.50 worth of prepaid shipping labels at one time. The prepaid labels do not include the Fedex pickup charge, so they must be deposited at established Fedex pickup sites. Other rules apply.
According to a chart on’s web site, an overnight letter of less than one pound between Georgia and California would cost $15.75 with the U.S. Postal Service; $14.42 with Airborne and $13.25 with UPS. The prepaid Fedex price is $7.95. Of course, Fedex rates are based solely on weight, not on distance.
Prepaid Fedex labels are good for two years from date of purchase.