A Texas government official is proposing that the state considers using bonds to help speed up road construction.

According to Associated Press reports, earlier this week, Lt. Gov. Rick Perry told city, county, state and federal officials that he thinks the "pay-as-you-go" system through federal transportation fund allocations for highway construction in the state is running out of steam. He added that the state Department of Transportation estimated that only 40% of the state’s infrastructure needs are being met.
"It is clear that we need to get traffic moving in this state," he said.
Perry told the Houston Chronicle the resulting congestion is hurting the state’s economic development, safety and air quality.
A collective effort with government officials on all levels must be achieved to reduce emissions, since the Clean Air Act will require a plan of action, Perry added. The federal government could withhold more than $1 billion annual in transportation funds if the state fails to meet the standards.