USFreightways of Chicago and its new subsidiary USF Worldwide Logistics, Itasca, Ill, have introduced a specialized logistics system specifically for shipments being returned to e-commerce shippers.

Virtually all shippers must deal with freight returned for various reasons. Managing that traffic flow is sometimes called "reverse logistics."
USF Worldwide Logistics has formed an alliance with two other companies, Newgistics Inc., and R.R. Donnelly Logistics Services, to manage returns for web and catalog retailers. Returned merchandise will be processed at the facilities of USF Processors, a business unit of USF Worldwide Logistics.
"E-commerce to date has been focused on getting products into the consumers's hands," explained Doug Christensen, president and CEO of USF Worldwide Logistics. "This venture closes the loop and is intended to give the customer quick satisfaction if they are not pleased with their Internet or catalog purchase."
According to Christensen, other e-commerce opportunities for USF Ventures Inc. are being investigated and will be announced as they are finalized.