Trucking companies that haven’t already obtained their own Canadian Pre-Arrival Review System identification number should complete the necessary application right away, advises the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Many U.S. carriers crossing into Canada are still using the generic 2ITN code originally
intended for itinerant or non-bonded carriers. The 2ITN code will no longer be accepted for release of commercial shipments after January 8, 2001. After that, carriers that use the PARS to obtain release of shipments must use PARS bar codes with their own unique carrier code.
To obtain a code, carriers must submit Form E369, Application to Transact Non-bonded
Carrier Operations at Point of Arrival in Canada, available from any Canadian customs
office or on CCRA’s Internet site Once the code is obtained, CCRA recommends that carriers print their own Cargo Control Documents with
bar-coded cargo control numbers beginning with the carrier’s assigned number.
Alternatively, carriers can obtain a supply of Form A8A(B) Canada Customs Cargo Control Document, and have the cargo control numbers printed on labels in bar-coded format incorporating the carrier code.
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