The bidding for construction of a mandatory truck pull-off on West Virginia’s Sandstone Mountain is scheduled to begin soon, but the project must first obtain approval by the Federal Highway administration.

Numerous car and truck accidents have taken place at the site, located near the city of Beckley. Department of Transportation officials say the pull-off at the Bragg exit on Interstate 64 will include grading, drainage, a parking area and ramps, and more signs and paving. Trucks will be required to check their equipment, while law enforcement will patrol the highway and enforce the stops.
The grade on Sandstone Mountain is among the steepest highways in West Virginia, clocking in at 7 percent. Officials say between 1,700 and 2,000 trucks descend the mountain each day. The speed limit on the mountain is 45 mph for trucks and 70 mph for passenger vehicles.
This is the second mandatory truck pull-off the state has built – the first one is located on Interstate 68 on Cheat Mountain.