Thanks to new weigh stations on Interstate 80 near Omaha, Neb., the number of big rigs being weighed will soon double, and due to new technology, many of them won’t even have to pull off the highway.

According to Associated Press reports, the stations are using PrePass technology, which includes a computerized scale in one lane of the interstate that weighs the truck as it travels down the highway. A transponder in the truck identifies it as a PrePass member. The truck will be allowed to bypass the weigh station if it is within state weight limits and has current credentials. Trucks without transponders will be required to pull in to the station to be inspected normally.
Last summer, PrePass scales were installed at the eastbound weigh station on Interstate 80 at North Platte. New weigh stations near Waverly are being equipped with the PrePass system and will be operational in approximately one year.