An Overnite Transportation driver says that company officials at the less-than-truckload carrier paid him to damage property and falsely accuse Teamster supporters so they would be fired.

According to a report in yesterday's New York Times, Anthony Holly, a Tennessee-based driver who has worked for Overnite for three and a half years, claims that Overnite Transportation managers wired $10,000 to his bank account in exchange for breaking windows and other damage that could be blamed on the Teamsters. His allegations are contained in an affidavit presented to federal officials.
During its nine-month strike against the company, the Teamsters have been repeatedly accused of shooting at company trucks, breaking truck windows and other vandalism and violence.
The company denies Holly's accusations. Spokesman Ira Rosenfeld told the Times that the company did wire Holly $10,000, but it was a loan, not a gift. He also questioned Holly's credibility, noting that he had admitted lying to the NLRB in the past. He also pointed out that the Teamsters are paying Holly's legal bills, have found him a new job and are offering him financial support.
In an interview with the Times, Holly said that while he did not break windows, he gave company officials the impression that he had. He said he lied to company officials and the National Labor Relations Board about the actions of two Teamster supporters. Holly reportedly accused the drivers of threatening him with violence for crossing the picket line, resulting in their firing.
Holly told the Times he was ashamed of what he had done, that Overnite had him "brainwashed."