Michigan State Police are planning to shut down six of the state’s 23 weigh inspection stations this year and are hoping to use the areas to provide a few extra parking spaces for tired truckers in need of places to catch some shut-eye.

According to the Detroit News, state police officers issued 661 citations to truckers for illegal freeway shoulder parking in 1999.
If the proposal is approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation, state police will begin closing down inspection stations located along Interstate 75 and I-96 and two on I-94 at New Baltimore. Officials hope the areas will provide a dozen parking slots each.
"We hope opening these areas will be of value and we encourage truckers to use these avenues," Michigan State Police Director Col. Michael D. Robinson told the paper.
Instead of weigh stations, the Detroit News says, police will begin using patrols that could more effectively target the most dangerous truckers, who often evade fixed inspections.