The Executive Committee of American Trucking Associations today voted down an alternative integration plan offered by the Truckload Carriers Association.

TCA is currently an independent association affiliated as an ATA conference. Since 1998, ATA has been moving to have all conferences "integrate" by requiring membership in ATA and an affiliated state trucking association as a prerequisite for being a member of the affiliated conference. This action is being taken to implement the "Wren plan," which would restructure ATA and its associated organizations. TCA members had previously voted down such an arrangement with ATA;instead they offered an alternative plan.
TCA's plan would have TCA contribute $10,000 per month to ATA. Additionally, TCA would ask its members to voluntarily contribute an amount each month equal to $1 per truck their companies operated.
In rejecting the plan, ATA Chairman Lee Shaffer said "...the TCA plan, if adopted, would allow some TCA members to draw value from ATA at a fraction of the cost of belonging to ATA, fail to help secure the financial future of state trucking associations, and would result in unfairness to members of other conferences who have agreed to the full dues requirements of the Wren Plan."