A $3 million high-tech camera tracking and dispatching system is helping officials keep the "rush" in rush hour on a South Carolina highway, reports the Charlotte Observer
The cameras are stationed along a 15-mile stretch of highway on I-77 near Fort Mill, S.C., from the North Carolina border to Porter Road.
The system, run by the state Department of Transportation, helps dispatch crews quickly when traffic needs to be diverted. Currently, there are four cameras set up, but by next month, 22 more will be added.
According to the Charlotte Observer, the cameras don’t catch speeders. They only assist in tracking down delays, such as the occasional fender-bender or flat tire. Right now, State Highway Emergency Patrol crews are called into assist with breakdowns, but the service may be discontinued later this year if government funds aren’t available. If so, Highway Patrol officers will take over the duties.
The patrols are always on the road during rush hours, but the cameras give them an
extra advantage.