An agreement between the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will lift the 50-cent toll from the 13-mile stretch of the Will Rogers Turnpike between Claremore and Catoosa, but it may not happen for some time.

As reported by the Tulsa World, it may take five years or so for the toll to be eliminated. The action must be coordinated with the construction of the Will Rogers (I-44) and U.S. 412 with the new Creek Turnpike loop, which is a mile east of Catoosa. However, providing Claremore a toll-free interstate connection with Tulsa is not the most important issue. Relieving the growing congestion at the end of the turnpike, where I-44, Oklahoma 66 and U.S. 412 come together, is top priority.
According to the paper, earlier statements by transportation officials indicate construction of the I-44, U.S. 412 and Creek Turnpike interchange will transfer some traffic away from the western end of the Will Rogers, easing congestion.