The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is asking for input from truckers and motorists who use the Pennsylvania toll road with an online customer survey focusing on service plazas.

Customer response to the survey, located at, is expected to help shape the future of the 22 service plazas that dot the 507-mile highway system.
The customer surveys are part of a long-range study the commission began late last year to assess the current status of the Turnpike’s service plazas. The two-year project will thoroughly evaluate plazas and the services they offer. Users will be able to voice their wants and needs, and recommend changes regarding facility locations, architecture, available services and business arrangements.
"As we look to the future, Turnpike service plazas must meet the needs and changing expectations of our customers," said John Durbin, Turnpike executive director. "This project will help us continue to enhance services to the millions of people who travel the Turnpike every year."
As part of the study, field surveys are being conducted with truck drivers, business travelers, commuters and leisure travelers to learn how the service plazas can best meet the needs of future travelers and to measure customer satisfaction with the existing facilities.
Results of the analysis will help to make the service plazas ready for future users. This could include changes such as reconstruction or relocation of plazas, and enhanced and expanded services for business travelers.