The Truckload Carriers Assn., having decided not to integrate with the American Trucking Associations, is now trying to decide whether and how to offer support to ATA.

Last month, members of TCA's Federation Affiliation Committee voted on a plan of assistance that has been faxed to Board members for a vote. The results will be announced at TCA's Board Meeting next Tuesday. If approved, they will be presented to ATA's Executive Committee June 22.
The proposal would give ATA an "affiliation fee" of $10,000 per month, to be used by ATA at its discretion, but intended to be used for legislative and regulatory issues affecting the trucking industry in general. It also would ask TCA members to make a voluntary contribution to ATA, with the suggested amount being $1 per month for each truck that the member operates. This money would be collected by TCA and remitted to ATA to be used specifically on legislative and administrative issues that affect the truckload industry.