Georgia is training 20 more officers to do truck safety inspections as a new state agency prepares to ensure that trucks operate legally in the state.

The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety was recently created by the state Legislature. It will take over duties from the state Public Service Commission, which acts as the primary truck enforcement unit, and the state Department of Transportation, which concentrates on truck weights and lengths.
A plan to combine the two units has been in the works for some time now, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The PSC has begun to train 20 DOT enforcement officers to conduct safety inspections, and speculation suggests truck enforcement officers from both agencies will be transferred to the new entity.
"As much growth in truck traffic as we’re having, it’s advantageous to have better safety programs in the state," said PSC member Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, in an interview with the Atlanda Journal and Constitution. "The object…is not to make it tough on trucking. We’re trying to make trucking safe in Georgia."