Tom McLeod Software Corp., Birmingham, Ala., has introduced a new interface to integrate its LoadMaster truckload software with the Terion mobile communications system.

Terion, of Melbourne, Fla., takes a unique approach to mobile communications, bypassing both satellites and cellular networks. Messages from the Terion service center to remote drivers are relayed over FM radio signals. Return messages travel in signals bounced off the Ionosphere.
After a number of years in development, Terion debuted in 1999. McLeod's new interface -- the first among major software suppliers -- appears to acknowledge Terion progress in the truckload market.
According to McLeod, the Terion interface includes automatic delivery of load records, on-demand directions and routing requests, automatic load notifications and payroll inquiries.
McLeod's LoadMaster software also interfaces with mobile communications from Qualcomm, Motient (formerly American Mobile Satellite), @Track Communications (formerly HighwayMaster) and InTouch Fleet Management.