Now you can post the same load on a number of load-matching sites with just one time-saving stop on the Internet.

Prophesy Transportation Software, Bloomfield, Conn., has launched a free service called Multi-Post at its web site, When Multi-Post users enter a load at the Prophesy site, the load is automatically forwarded to the selected load-matching sites. The service is similar to Internet sites that process searches through a number of search engines at the same time, a practice often referred to as metasearch.
Though Multi-Post itself is free, users must register at the Prophesy site. They must also be registered members of the sites to which their load will be posted. Among the popular load matching services that can be accessed through Multi-Post are DAT Services, Internet Truckstop and However, there are many more matching services listed on the Prophesy site.
“With at least 50 load-matching sites available, this service is badly needed in the industry,” said Edward J. Forman, president of Prophesy.