By the end of the year, trucks traveling through Illinois will be able to get through a lot easier if they've got a PrePass transponder on their windshield.

The Illinois Department of Transportation recently announced that PrePass, an electronic clearance system for commercial carriers, will be set up at 14 additional locations throughout the state's interstate highway network. All truck weigh stations on interstates will be equipped with PrePass to give motor carriers with good safety records a chance to "bypass" stations, but only if they comply electronically with the state’s size, weight and safety requirements.
As a vehicle approaches a PrePass-equipped weigh station, an in-cab transponder identifies the vehicle to a computer that verifies compliance. A green light then allows the driver to bypass the inspection facility. Trucks can do this at highway speed.
The PrePass system, officials say, will enhance highway safety, reduce emissions and save on fuel. Motor carrier participation in PrePass is voluntary and only those with proven safety records can participate.