OuterLink Corp., of Concord, MA, announced that National Grid USA, which operates a number of New England electric companies, has purchased 120 satellite-tracking and instant messaging systems for their maintenance and customer service fleets.
When installations are complete, National Grid's retail electric companies and its service company will have a total of 420 vehicles equipped with OuterLink's proprietary fleet-management system.
OuterLink, formerly known as Newcombe Communications, offers a trucking product called CP-2 which includes an onboard transceiver capable of GPS and mobile messaging through the MSAT-2 geostationary satellite.
Like many other such systems, CP-2 relays communications through a company-run service center called the Network Hub. Between trucks and the hub, messages move though the satellite, which provides near universal coverage. Between the hub and dispatch, communications move across the Internet, meaning fleets need no more than a standard PC and an Internet connection.