Efltabed.com, an Internet-based, on-line logistics service designed specifically to improve the efficiency of the flatbed shipping industry, was formally launched on May 4 at the North American Truck Show in Boston, MA.

About 1,500 carriers and more than 23 shippers are signed on as members of the Pittsburgh, PA-based service, formed by Pittsburgh Logistics System and PGT Trucking.
Claimed benefits of eflatbed.com:
* Instant access to thousands of flatbed-only loads throughout North America, all managed to high service standards.
* Increased asset utilization by reducing empty backhauls.
* Automated load booking.
* Consolidated reliable payment of freight invoices.
* Single interface for booking and billing loads with all carriers.
Carriers must qualify for enrollment in eflatbed.com. This includes checks for U.S. DOT safety ratings and insurance coverage.
Once enrolled, carriers can quickly search available inbound and outbound loads on a state-by-state basis. All loads are displayed by origin and destination, as well as weight, pick-up and delivery times.
Carriers wanting a particular movement just click on the load and provide a price. Load offers are responded to within one hour.
Over the next several months, eflatbed.com plans to add more functions to its site, including financial systems, credit and buying groups, Morgan said. Within nine months, it expects to be able to manage more than 10,000 loads per day. It now handles more over 500 loads per day.