Con-Way Transportation Services, Ann Arbor, MI, has added three new service features to its website, The features include an on-line function that allows electronic communication of a bill-of-lading and pickup notice, a
Canadian currency translation table, and several reports that give customers a detailed summary of shipping transactions and the delivery status of specific shipments.
The new electronic bill of lading feature will allow customers to fill out a complete less-than-truckload bill of lading on the web site and transmit it to Con-Way. This will act as a notice for shipment pickup and provide Con-Way with complete bill data electronically. The
electronic bill of can capture additional customer-unique data and codes that will enable the customer's accounting systems to operate more efficiently when we send an invoice and the transaction cycle moves to completion.
The Canadian currency feature provides a quick reference for Con-Way customers who
need their invoices converted into Canadian dollars. The conversion table includes a weekly history of rates back through September 1999.
The transaction reports being added to the web site will include a summary report of all shipment activity during the past 13 months for each shipping and receiving site. A second report shows all shipments that have been put in "exception" status at the time of delivery. The
largest set of exception status designations will identify shipments that could not be delivered immediately when they arrived at the destination service center.
Typically, these types of shipments are said to require an appointment for delivery, were refused delivery by the consignee or were trapped in a trailer with other shipments destined to
the same consignee.