In a case of strange bedfellows, Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan Wednesday promised Teamsters he would name union president James Hoffa to his cabinet.

Buchanan's comments came during a Teamsters political rally opposing Permanent Normal Trade Relations status for China.. Buchanan told the thousands of union members gathered that if he were president, he would tell China, "You stop persecuting Christians, you stop threatening my country, or you guys have sold your last pair of chopsticks in any mall in the United States."
Then he told the cheering group that he would replace the current U.S. trade representative with Hoffa, who was standing at Buchanan's side. The crowd cheered and chanted Hoffa's name.
The Teamsters have not yet endorsed a presidential candidate, in part because of Democratic Vice President Gore's support of free trade policies.
Polls show Buchanan, a former Republican, registering in the single digits, while Gore and Republican George W. Bush appear to be in a close race.