Florida will renumber exits on its interstates to correspond with the closest mileage marker, as is done in most other states, rather than numbering them sequentially as they are currently.

Under the new system, for example, Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach, which is now Exit 52, would become Exit 70.
The change will make it easier for visitors to estimate travel time and tell police where they are in emergency situations, DOT officials said.
It also will help the state accommodate future growth, eliminating a problem in numbering exits when new interchanges are built.
Interchanges on Florida's Turnpike are already linked to mile markers. The same interchange renumbering project is now under way on I-95 in Georgia.
The $5 million project is scheduled to begin in June 2001 on I-95 and I-10 before moving to I-4 and I-75.