Say goodbye to HighwayMaster. Say hello to @Track, pronounced “at-track.”
HighwayMaster Communications, Inc., of Richardson, TX, has changed its name to @Track Communications, Inc.
Under the new banner, the company will continue to provide analog cellular voice and data service to fleets using the venerable HighwayMaster Series 5000 equipment.
However, Jana Bell, president and CEO of @Track, said the new name is more in keeping with the new networks and services @Track has added and will be adding to its product line. That includes the Cellemetry data network used by @Track’s TrackWare trailer tracking line launched last year.
According to Bell, @Track is currently conducting focus groups on customer needs. The company, she said, has already added new options such as GSM-based networks and will offer more, including Internet connectivity.
The new @Track name coincides with a snappy web site design that includes an interesting feature as you drag your mouse across the opening screen. You’ll find it at as well as at the company’s traditional web address,