DAT Services, Portland, OR, will now help customers analyze freight lanes and contact individuals responsible for specific freight movements on the DAT system.
The new service called DAT LaneMakers provides customers with the total number of loads or trucks posted in a specific lane on the DAT Services system. Customers can search using up to five criteria. According to a DAT press release, LaneMakers ranks the 20 most active participants in the lane and provides contact information.
DAT Services claims to be the largest load-matching system in North America, providing information via satellite, fax, phone and a network of monitors in 1,100 truckstops. However, LanerMakers is only available to DAT customers who subscribed to another recently announced service called DAT Partners, which provides high-speed information over a VPN (virtual private network).
According to Christopher Naze, Product Manager for DAT Partners, LaneMakers comes in a service package that begins with DAT Partners and includes a Internet connection, a choice of nightly load or truck list, unlimited ability to post to DAT's live database and access to Speed Mail, DAT's instant messaging service among other services. The entire package costs $235 a month. LaneMakers, said Naze, will help customers plan operations.
This is the third new service announced by DAT in less than two months. Before introducing DAT Partners, DAT debuted Load Card, a pre-paid phone-card-type service that lets truckers access the DAT database via phone. For $20, users get six searches with up to four leads each.