Safety and consumer organizations in the United States expressed concern about the safety of new Canadian standards that will allow truckers to drive 14 hours in a shift and 84 hours in a week.

Parents Against Tired Truckers and Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways from the U.S. joined with Canadians for Responsible and Safe Highways in Canada to raise concerns that the Canadian workload limits will be much less strict than equivalent U.S. norms.
"A number of scientists and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have raised safety warnings about the proposed rule that will allow 84-hour workweeks for truckers in Canada," said Bob Evans, executive director of the Canadian CRASH. "We think it is about time that the Federal Government and the Provinces said 'no' to 84-hour weeks.'' "Motorists in the United States do not want to share the road with a Canadian truck driver who is sleep-impaired after working consecutive 84 hour weeks before crossing the border into the U.S.,'' said Daphne Izer of PATT.