Following reports of violence in the Associated Wholesale Grocers lockout of union workers in Springfield, MO, the Teamsters union has agreed to the terms of a temporary restraining order.

Refrigerated Transport Express, one of the non-union outside contractors that has taken over AWG's trucking operations, filed the request for a restraining order after one of its drivers was pulled from his truck and beaten.
The order prohibits Teamsters members from damaging RTX trucks, keeping them from public roadways, or assaulting, harassing or threatening employees.
Associated locked out 1,200 union warehouse workers and truck drivers at its Springfield and Kansas City, KS, facilities last weekend. The company says this was not a lockout, because they gave the workers a 60-day layoff notice. Talks between the company and the union broke down last week.
The union has come under criticism for vandalism and violence, not only during this action, but also most notably during its six-month-old unfair labor practices strike against Overnite Transportation.