The Nebraska Department of Roads is asking for public comments regarding the rules for moving large loads, including mobile homes and construction equipment.
During a series of meetings, roads officials and representatives from the State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Div. are expected to hear comments and offer explanations.
According to a report in the Omaha World-Herald, companies that move mobile homes want a change in the 100-foot length limit on trucks that travel the state's highways. When they move 80-foot mobile homes, the companies must use smaller trucks than they would prefer, in
order to keep the length of the loaded truck within 100 feet.
The companies would rather use a standard tractor with dual rear axles because it would provide more control and braking power, but that would extend the load to about 104 or 105 feet.
State officials also wish to discuss permit requirements, the use of escort vehicles and limits on the hours that travel is permitted for overweight and oversize loads. If you wish to comment but cannot attend a session, you can send written comments to Ellis Tompkins, Intermodal
Transportation Engineer, Nebraska Department of Roads, P.O. Box 94759, Lincoln, NE 68509.