Renault SA isn't ruling out the possibility of selling Nissan Diesel to another company after it achieves breakeven, a company executive told AFX News.

A recently approved debt restructuring plan enables Nissan Diesel to postpone payments for four years, noted George Douin, executive vice presisdent responsible for international strategy. That makes it possible to look at some synergies between Nissan Diesel and Renault's commercial vehicles unit, such as component sharing.
"We shall see if Nissan Diesel becomes a very wealthy company," he said. "Maybe it's good for us to keep it, maybe to sell it. I would say it's a very open subject at this time."
Douin also said Renault would make a decision next week regarding the purchase of Samsung Motor Co.
"The question is clear. If we decide something it will be to buy the assets," he said. "The only question now is to say if there is any chance for Renault, with the help of Nissan, to make this a successful company."