The Ohio Highway Patrol is not yet sure what triggered a chain reaction on Interstate 70 early this week that involved nine tractor-trailers and left one trucker dead. Early indications are that thick fog may have been a factor, while truckers speculate the trucks were traveling too close together.

Nine trucks and four cars were involved in the pileup about 11 p.m. just south of Lewisburg. Truck driver David Lee of Indianapolis died several hours later. Several people were hospitalized. The chain reaction closed the eastbound lanes nearly 19 hours. All the vehicles were destroyed. The force of the wreck peeled back the roof and sidewall of one of the trailers.
There was no ice on the road when the accident happened, but Lt. William Peck of the state patrol said when he approached the accident scene, the fog did not allow him to see more than 10 feet past his cruiser. Authorities say the investigation will take several weeks.
Truckers at a nearby truckstop told the Dayton Daily News that the tractor-trailers were likely convoying or traveling together to help stay awake and make the time pass more quickly.