Nissan Diesel is due for a management overhaul, says parent Nissan Motor. "Certainly we think Nissan Diesel has to be managed differently to recover," Senior Vice President Thierry Moulonguet told the Financial Times of London. "One condition is to renew the management of Nissan Diesel."

Nissan and Renault, which owns 36.8% of the Japanese carmaker and 22.5% of the truck manufacturing unit, will reportedly install one or more executives from outside the company -- an unusual move for a Japanese company.
It isn't likely that managers from Renault or its truck making unit, RVI, will move over to Nissan Diesel. As part of a financial restructuring, Nissan Diesel and RVI will co-operate on distribution and procurement but Moulonguet said the French group would not play a significant role in Nissan Diesel management.