Canadian officials held an inspection blitz Monday in Pickering, Ontario. The blitz marked the five-year anniversary of a fatal truck wheel-loss accident.

Of the 86 trucks inspected, 59 of them, nearly 70%, were ordered off the road at least temporarily, reports The Toronto Star. Charges ranged from operating an unsafe vehicle to defective brakes and poorly secured loads. One truck had a license that expired three years ago. One official called it "a smashed-up old piece of junk." At last 25 trucks had their plates pulled and had to be towed away.
Another 14 drivers were charged with speeding.
Five years ago, Angela Worona was killed on Highway 401 when a wheel came off a tractor-trailer headed the opposite direction, bounced over the guard rail and smashed into her car. The blitz is named in her honor. It also honored Jamie Tyrrell, Robina Campbell and her daughter Marry Jessiman, who were also killed by runaway truck wheels. In all the cases, the wheels that came off had been improperly installed and poorly maintained.
Worona's sister Theresa was present for the truck blitz. One of the first trucks she saw had several cracked wheels. The inspector said he didn't think the truck would make it to Toronto.