Norwegian truckers blockaded roads twice this week to protest high fuel taxes.

Monday morning, hundreds of trucks parked on the main highways leading into the capital of Oslo for three hours. They left bus lanes open so public transit and emergency vehicles could get through. After the blockade, the trucks drove around the Norwegian parliament building.
Wednesday, about 10,000 truckers held a 24-hour blockade of border crossings and freight terminals. A spokesman for the Norwegian Truck Owners Assn. said the idea was not to block traffic, as in the previous three protests, but to cause a freight stoppage.
The protests follow two similar actions last week.
The truckers want the government to cut taxes on diesel by 2 kroner per liter - about $1 per gallon. On Jan. 1, a tax increase boosted the price of diesel to almost $4 per gallon, more than any other European country except Britain.