Only a week after French truck owners blockaded roads partly in protest of fuel prices, Norwegian truck drivers Monday blocked the major roads leading into Oslo to protest the cost of diesel.

According to published reports, rush hour was total chaos as tow trucks and police tried to reach the trucks. One tow truck company began breaking into trucks so they could get them out of the way, angering many drivers. The blockade was dispersed by mid-morning.
The price of diesel in Norway was increased by 6 cents per liter Jan. 1. The current price of about 10 kroner per liter, or roughly $4.75 per gallon, makes it hard to compete against international companies, Norwegian truckers said.
The Norwegian Truck Owners Assn. has its own protest scheduled for Thursday. The group says it will block border crossings if its appeal to the finance minister is not answered by Monday, Jan. 24. It wants the price dropped by about 75 cents per gallon.