This is it, the home stretch. Three official days of truck driver school to go. (I'll be coming in to practice right up until the test in two weeks, but will not be filing reports for those days.)
This morning I was introduced to blindside parallel parking. Compared to the reverse serpentine, this maneuver is far less difficult. It's not easy, but it was certainly doable for this trainee after several hours of practice. After nailing it once, I did it again. Then a third time, just to make sure it wasn't an accident. This is demonstrable proof that I am learning to control the truck.
I am on a roll.

The 45-degree alley dock was equally achievable today. My instructor tells me my measured right turn is solid and my straight back-up looks good, too. How to hook and unhook a trailer filled part of the afternoon. It also filled the front of my jacket with gooey black grease from the fifth wheel. I'm hoping GooBGone will take it out. If not, I'll wear it that way, my black badge of honor.
My classmate Dennis takes his road/skills test tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. but he didn't come in today so James (my other classmate) and I weren't able to wish him luck.
What's left? More practice, that $@#&*!! reverse serpentine and backing into a truckstop parking slot.