Delays are likely for truckers at the Canadian border as officials tighten up border security in fear of terrorism associated with millennium celebrations.

Late Tuesday, U.S. officials issued a second worldwide terrorism warning, saying they had reason to suspect attacks against Americans over the New Year. While it's unclear whether the action is in response to the U.S. warning, Canadian officials are beefing up checks at land border crossings.
Canada's national broadcaster CBC reported that truckers trying to cross from Canada into the United States were already experiencing delays, with trucks lined up for 4 miles at the Lacolle border crossing in Quebec.
Last week, U.S. authorities apprehended an Algerian who is believed to be part of a terrorist ring after he crossed the border from Canada. His car was allegedly full of explosives. Another Algerian man and a Canadian woman were detained Sunday at the Vermont border crossing after bomb-sniffing dogs detected traces of possible explosives.
Some critics believe that Canada's liberal immigration policies are creating a haven for terrorists.