A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against picketers at Overnite Transportation's Dayton, OH, terminal.

The order limits pickets at the terminal to no more than two at a time, and bars picketing Teamsters from committing any act of violence or intimidation against Overnite employees.
Thursday's order was the result of a lawsuit filed Wednesday by Overnite against Teamsters Local 957. The company said as many as 60 strikers intimidated employees, scattered nails at the entrance to puncture tires, and threw things at vehicles.
Overnite also said the picketing has caused several accidents in front of its business, and that picketers have followed drivers and threatened and intimidated customers.
Members of the Local 957 have been picketing the Dayton terminal since Oct. 25. The nearly two-month-old unfair labor practices strike began Oct. 24 at the Memphis terminal.
In a statement issued Thursday, The Teamsters said that Overnite had again asked the union to negotiate proposed fringe benefits for 2000. The Teamsters say they will only negotiate the proposed changes as part of an overall bargaining agreement, and will not engage in piecemeal bargaining. The last negotiating session was Sept. 17.