The Teamsters Union has filed a national unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board against Overnite Transportation.

The charge is based largely on evidence from Dale Watson, Overnite's former operations manager at the company's Memphis, TN, terminal. In late October, Watson filed an affidavit with the NLRB that he was ordered to single out union supporters for disciplinary action. (See "Ex-Overnite Boss Testifies About Targeting Union Supporters.") The union started its unfair labor practices strike against Overnite soon afterward, on Oct. 24.
The Teamsters note that this is not the first charge filed against Overnite. However, says Teamsters president James P. Hoffa, despite more than 1,000 charges of labor law violations filed with the NLRB against the less-than-truckload company, "the National Labor Relations Board continues to treat each charge filed against Overnite as an isolated incident."
The Teamsters are asking the NLRB to issue a nationwide injunction to hold Overnite and its officials liable for violating union members' federally protected rights.
The Teamsters also report that Overnite has rejected its proposal to have a mediator at contract negotiations.