About 400 officials from the AFL-CIO joined about 200 Teamsters Wednesday in Indianapolis for a rally to put pressure on Overnite Transportation, which the Teamsters have been picketing since Oct. 24.

The rally was held on an access road next to Overnite's Indianapolis terminal. Labor officials arrived on buses for the gathering, straight from the state AFL-CIO convention.
"You're not just disrespecting Teamsters," said Mary Crayton, the national AFL-CIO's Midwest regional director, according to The Indianapolis Star. "You're disrespecting the entire American labor movement. We're going to be here until justice is served."
Security guards on Overnite's property videotaped the proceedings, according to the paper.
Vice President Al Gore also expressed his support for the union earlier this week, walking the picket line at Overnite's Londonderry, NH, terminal in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. He brought coffee and donuts for the workers on the strike line and encouraged them in their struggle against the less-than-truckload company.
Also early Wednesday, an Overnite driver was shot outside Memphis, where several strike-related acts of violence have been reported. Gore campaign headquarters did not return a call requesting a comment on the shooting, which left the driver in serious condition.